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Stocking Up Through Auction Access Licensing

By Donald Fisher

People like to buy things. They like to go to stores, browse the shelves, and then put any desired items into their carts, then go to the cashier, and then paying for the goods in their cart. Now, the items on these shelves that the shoppers browse did not end up on those shelves by magic. No, an employee had to stack them there, shelf by shelf. To do that, a truck driver had to drive their truck with the goods in the back to the store. In order to have those goods in their trucks, someone from the production facility had to load them on to the back. But the first stage of that would have to be the actual production, and the whole process only happens because a merchant buys those goods from a producer, and they only purchase those items because the customers want those goods and the manufacturer does not have the infrastructure to directly sell to the consumer. Now, car salesmen are like any other merchant, they do not produce but they procure their items, and getting Auction access licensing would help in that.

Merchants usually set their prices. This is usually higher than what they pay the manufacturer for in order to make a profit, but these prices are always set before their customers even get into their cars to go the store. An auction is different. An auctioneer will set a baseline price, then buyers will shout out higher prices until the highest price is reached by one bidder and the others back off.

The license itself is just a card. But the membership that it represents means that a holder is part of a club. Lots of people like exclusivity.

There are many perks to membership. For one, and the most paramount of these benefits, is that a licensee is able to access auto auctions that most others will not even know about. This means that they are able to purchase cars and other vehicles with much fewer competitors submitting competing bids and that the vehicles they are buying are certified as being of a high quality.

Now, to be a member, a person has to be a car dealer. Or they have to be a certified employee of a legitimate car dealership. In either case, they must register themselves.

Now, being a member means that exclusive auctions are suddenly accessible. Which means that a car dealer can then buy vehicles that a competitor might not even know was on the market. They can often do so at a lower price since there are going to be fewer bidders driving up the price.

Buying items at a lower price point means healthier profit margins. As such, a business can benefit greatly from it. The cars sold have also been certified.

Now, there are fees attached to it. Now, there is the sign up fee, which needs to be paid before an individual can be registered, and then there are the annuals fees, which are paid yearly. Aside from those, there will also be a fee paid to sellers, usually about one or two hundred dollars for every car sold under the price of ten thousand dollars, possibly more for more expensive autos.

The thing about life is that is has become quite convenient. People used to have to having the things they want already in stock. So, dealers have responsibility to make sure they have the wares to peddle.

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